As Rubi Technic we provide repair service of important parts for heavy-duty and off-highway vehicles. We restore parts from used units, which passed some advanced industrial processes. While restoration process all important parts and those parts which are not suitable for further using are replaced by originals and other parts of high quality. Restored unit will always return to the market and be ready for further use not inferior in quality to the new product.
We present repair and replacement service for following parts:
·       Engine
·       Cardan Shaft
·       Air Brake Compressor
·       Axle
·       Differencial 

Cardan Shaft is very important part for a vehicle, which supply movement of the vehicle with rear or all-wheel drive and helps to carry out an effective transmission of torque from the gearbox to the axles.
Balancing of driveshaft helps to return to factory characteristics and prevent expensive repair.


While repairing of cardan shafts and provide following services
- Universal joint replacement
- bearings replacement
- flange yoke replacement
- slip joint replacement
- tube yoke replacement
- tube replacement,
- shaft shortening and lengthening


Engine repair is important process which need using of modern equipment to perform it efficiently.
Engine is the most important unit of the vehicle, which technical condition affects all other functions. That is why engine repair have to be made with due attention. Repair refers not only to repair and replacement of worn parts, but also identification of the causes of damage. There is everything is interconnected in the engine, so any malfunction causes a chain of problems. Therefore, it is important to conduct a comprehensive diagnosis of the internal combustion engine, which helps in assessing the condition of all elements.                               

     Signs in engine indicating a need of repair:
-        engine gives reduced thrust
-        increased oil consumption
-        carbon deposits appear on the spark plugs
-        knocking or other extraneous noises
-        consumes too much fuel
-        exhaust gases have different color                                                                                                    
All these malfunctions appear because of various reasons, including wrong using of the engine or failure of the components and parts and their improper operation. And the most obvious reason is the natural wear of engine parts, because all elements have their own specific operational resource. 




We repair truck air brake compressors. For repairing we use original parts of guarantied brands



     In our technical center we use various machines for repairing parts
-        Honing machines
-        Boring machines
-        Grinding machines
-        Crankshafts balancing machines
-        Lathes
-        Hydraulic press
-        Washing machine